It’s been really a challenge to keep up with blogging nowadays… Life has thrown so many things in my direction.  I can’t find words to express all that’s happen within the last 2 years.  All I can say is I am working on a book and I won’t share anything else for the time being until it’s published.


Climate change

There are still people who thinks climate change is not real, can you believe this?  With all the unusual weather patterns, around the globe people still think it’s not happening…

In St. Petersburg, Fl. the rain and humidity is unforgiving. It’s the rainy season people states… but the strange thing about it all remains in the humidity and the heavy rain pattern.  The floods…

Will all of humanity finally accepts the changing weather pattern and adjust our lives to accommodate nature? Or will nature continues to teach humanity unforgiving lessons until the very end?

Peacock Less

Peacock Lesson #1

10 Steps Towards Success

1. Focus on you goals/ your lifetime dream, never- ever lose sight

     of them.

2. You must volunteer and if there aren’t open opportunities for

    volunteering, be creative and offer your service.

3. Have self-confidence, invest in your-self and dress for success.

4. Be persistent.

5. Be sure to reflect on your actions, be sure to notice your reflection

    in the mirror, notice the small changes as they occur.

6. Notice those minutiae improvements and credit yourself.

7. Have no doubts and meditate even for just 15~20 minutes.

8. Visualize yourself at the place,career,situation in life where you

    want to be.

9. Keep learning, forgive yourself for each weakness, acknowledge your

     strengths and know that you’re not perfect.

10.  Be a good observer, listener,teacher and remember “Rome”

       was not built in a day.