An unplanned visit for a special surprise… Mori No Machi Echo Center

Have you ever wondered where your local water supply arrive from, how it get into your faucets? A local visit to your local recycle center will give you an explanation. How ironic but I often thought about those sewage trucks and drivers whose job is to collect our unwanted waste products from toilets. I finally had a first hand insight and to the answer to my question…

Collected sewage waste is delivered to a recycle center like the one in my photos(see photos in the gallery page) and treated with bacteria for 24 hours around the clock, then goes though a detailed purified process only to travel back as tap water. It is a surely an interesting magical process monitored by many computers and human beings.

For the last year or so I’ve driven past my local recycle center several times always thinking to myself I need to stop and investigate what’s there, I finally made that visit. It was after 5:00p.m. which meant on a Saturday it’s closing hours…

Not knowing what to expect I approached a gentleman outside the building only to ask about the recycle center visiting schedule. He was very generous to explain that the center was closed, he went further to ask the purpose of my visit. I clearly told him I was interested in learning about what takes place in the recycle center…

Then I said “thank you” I will visit again another day…

Surely, after hearing my reason for visiting the center Mr. Y was happy to offer a quick tour of the facilities. I was very fortunate to have a guided tour of two buildings. The first building happens to be a recycle center for trees… ever wonder where all those yearly trimmed tree branches in public parks actually goes after those yearly cuts or how those leafs quickly disappear? Leaving us the local residents sitting in a clean, well-kept relax environment? Well, visit your local recycle center to get your own answer if you prefer…

I highly recommend calling to make an appointment first for a group visit, just be sure not to go after visiting hours. Have a great visit you can experience the magic of the recycling process.



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