Welcome to G. F.F Site!!!

G.F.F acronym is for Green Future Foundation, the idea behind this name stems from my eco-concern. Green is for the color of fresh vegetation on our planet earth, Future refers to the serendipitous path of human beings and foundation is the basic, natural groundwork established by local action.

What is Green Future Foundation?

It’s a PR representative Office, a local NGO promoting Eco-logical events and products on a local level. G.F.F came to exist because it’s founder was inspired by “Earth Hour March 29, 2008” movement, sponsored by WWF. A simple act of being conscious when using electrical energy provided the platform for civilians such as myself to become volunteers, to take control of own destiny and our planet’s future.


G.F.F works on a volunteer basis with local environmental groups and local officials on implementing eco -logical ideas for citizens and foreign residents to think locally and act globally. Activities includes promoting Earth Hour on March 29th and Earth Day on April 23rd (Note: Earth Day originally is observe on April 22 nd, but due to the date falling on a work day our event usually takes place on the weekend.) Promotes environmental friendly company (Neways) and it’s business opportunity. Provides an opportunity to improve the health and wealth of local communities.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to G. F.F Site!!!

  1. Our planet’s future is relevant and it should be cared for by all who breathe, use or consume products derived from its resources.

  2. I’ll be happy to follow this. You’re involved in an uphill fight but it is a worthwhile struggle. Best wishes.

  3. iam qualified in MA LLB LLM and working as CHIEF HEALTH INSPECTOR IN RLYS INDIA MY PHONE NO 7995914086 iam interested in environmental austainable development activities

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