My #1 one secret to success.

Honestly, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here…

I was contemplating the meaning of having this blog, what exactly do I want to share with my community, this was an issue for a while so I took a long break.  How can I express personal responsibility to nature? On an individual scale, we all must take action to some level…

I think of my actions as in terms of eco-friendly and try to live this way each day. Although, it’s challenging all the way… when I say “challenging” I am referring to living by my own ideas of correct action towards our environment.  Not using harmful chemicals on my body, means not polluting, our rivers and oceans.  Not disposing of unwanted rubbish into the environment means taking responsibility for one’s action.    No one said being eco-conscious would be an easy route but if we stop and think about our personal actions on a scale from 0-10, then try to not remain at 0 since that would be extremely bad.  Think about how each person on an individual basis can make some differences in terms of protecting our environment? Summer 2014 heat was unbearable, wasn’t it?

Many years ago, I wanted to volunteer and make a difference in my local area, but I had no idea how to accomplish that thought years ago.   The need to contribute proactively against the ignorant stance to changes in our environment still exist. One does not have to be a “rocket scientist” to take notice of the natural changes in nature. Yes, I gave volunteering a try but people can be ignorant and  I really doubt that by my actions made even a small ripple in the community, so I decided to change the products I use on a personal scale and that’s where Modere products came into my life.

The first thing people thinks about is the cost… no one ever think about the type of ingredients they use in certain products until most recently. For decades, consumers weren’t very conscious about their use of products, this included me.  I was blinded by mainstream products until I came across Modere. I love these products for their worthy benefits and the ideals from which they were created. If someone asked me, how can you make a difference on a local level… well I would say think about all your personal products “YOU” currently use.  Are they eco-friendly? How much do you know about the formula used in your products?  How are those ingredients affecting your body and our environment?  Can you say that you love and know the ingredients of each product that you use? Can you count on your present ingredients to not cause damages to our environment or your bodies? Can your finances help to reconstruct our earthly environment? You may want to make a huge change and learn more about companies like Modere and the philosophy behind each of these products.  People in our current society should not miss such innovative companies like Modere.

Well, thanks for reading and I recommend to my readers to be open-minded and if you don’t know much about Modere products in general; be brave and give eco-friendly products a try.  For those with interest and need more information please e-mail me privately or leave a message.



1. Have a purpose for the organization.

2. Must have initial start-off funds.
(eg. $5.00 at least to invest.)

3. One person can make a huge
difference in a start-off, then find
others with interest in your
organization or find people with
special needs for what your NGO
has to offer the community.

4. Start locally, search out local groups
in your area.

5. Start from the bottom, then build
on as your purpose increase.

6. Exercise mind, body and soul.
(ex: meditate/yoga/go running)

7. Don’t settle with a “No” answer.

8. Use the Socratic Method:

Natures’Jewel Of The Heart.

No ordinary tourist planning a trip or traveling to Manhattan could guess that in New York State, we have “Nature’s Jewel Of The Heart.  Unless, a visitor plans a short  day excursion or a long  trek upstate New York.  Journey to the heart of New York with its’ rich nature.


If you are looking into Eco-Tourism, Nature Travel, Adventure Travel… well look  no further it’s right under your nose.  While you travel to NYC/NYS for leisure and the bliss of arts, look for your own stimulating nature expeditions.  Remember, this travel experience isn’t a wedding nor a honeymoon vacation in Belize but an  artistic, beautifying and enlightening nature trek observation.  Any visitor to NYC can experience the diverse ecology and rich culture when one leaves the、city and enter the heart of upstate New York.  Take the opportunity to travel with G.F.F on it’s cultural & sightseeing tour in 2013. Travel to Saratoga Springs, The Finger Lakes, or The Adirondacks National Park, visit nature at its’ best.

あなたはエコを求める旅行,自然を楽しむ旅行、冒険を求める旅行を探しているなら、それはほんの身近なところにあるんです。レジャーや芸術の至福をもとめてニューヨークに旅行している間、あなたの自然を探検をしたいという心をを刺激するようなことを探してみてください。覚えておいて、この旅での経験は結婚式でも新婚旅行でもありません、芸術的で美しい、自然を観察するハイキングです。 ニューヨークへのどんな訪問者も、ニューヨークを出て、ニューヨーク州の北の中心で多様な生態系と豊富な文化を体験できます。2013年に文化&観光ツアーで一緒に出かけませんか。 サラトガスプリングス、Finger Lakesに、またアディロンダック山地国立公園への旅行でその “最高の自然をご覧ください。

Travel with me to see places I love and where I grew up, see nature, historical sites and see how people co-exist with nature.


私の大好きな場所と私が生まれ育った場所を見に一緒に旅に出ませんか。自然、史跡を見て、人々がどのように自然と共存しているかを見てください。上記のエクスカーションはすべてオプションであることに留意してください。 旅程は、要求に応じて変わります。 ありがとう。