Earth Day Event

A public relation representative NGO, promoting Eco-logical events and products on a local level. Works on a volunteer basis with local environmental groups and governmental office on implementing Eco -logical ideas for citizens and foreign residents to think locally and act globally. Activities includes promoting Earth Hour on March 29th and Earth Day on April 23rd (Note: Earth Day originally is observe on April 22 nd, due to the date falling on a work day our event usually takes place on the weekend.) Promotes a environmental friendly company(Neways) and business opportunity. Providing a fair opportunity for people to improve their health and wealth in local / international communities.

EARTH DAY is a day dedicated to Planet Earth, the intention was to inspire awareness and appreciation for earth’s natural environment. United States, senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin initiated an

environmental teach-in that was first held April 22, in the late 1960’s.
The current Earth Day movement is now a global act and that came about by the organization of the national coordinator for Earth Day.

EARTH HOUR started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million
individuals and 200 business took initiative to start the process of earth action by simply turning of lights for just one hour to take a stance against climate change. The lesson here, is that every individual can make a difference on a personal level.

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