GFF Mission

Core values are:

To share cultural knowledge, environmental concerns through exchanges and  generated ideas for initiatives,  communities help people in their “pursuit of happiness” and independence as self-supporting people.

To explore the spectrum of global volunteers contribution to society, by creating a healthy work environment for  people, by generating volunteers and business opportunities, by balancing the needs and desires of people, while maintaining healthy and wealthy lifestyles that will benefit future generations.

To encourage global citizens to participate as active volunteers through personal responsibility, community actions, and to invest in personal growth through communication skills in various languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish,etc…

To learn, work and volunteer are life long continuous experiences, all of which creates and open doors to new life experiences.  In our global village, communication skills are worthy assets for positive growth of intertwined global economy, balancing volunteerism and business ventures is top priority around the globe.

To advance and  naturally learn  how to become self-empowered and fine confidence through positive action, for world peace and long-term end results.